WebHeader123LearnIt is a Super easy 123 learning app for kids and babies with adorable High Definition graphic flashcards and amazing sounds to make learning a fun and interactive experience.

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Abc LearnIT


ABC LEARN IT is a fun android app for kids to learn their ABCs and Basic Shapes.

This will aid kids learn the alphabets in a fun and exciting way with high resolution flashcards.
Our educational app shows children the alphabet letters and teaches them to recognize letters as they appear. As a result, preschoolers and kindergarten kids learn the letters and their accompanying sounds much more faster.

Also included is a Shape Naming and Matching Puzzle to introduce Basic Shapes with supporting sounds to enhance the rate of identification and recollection.

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Geminatu Pop

GeminatuPop GameplayGeminatuPop Gameplay 2

Geminatu Pop! is a bubble shooter and a super-addictive puzzler!

Use your stack of bubbles to match and burst colorful bubbles, save exotic gems, and unlock the precious stones. The strategic and intuitive game-play with alternating modes ensures a challenging and satisfying bubble popping experience! Click to download now.

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Geminatu is a fun puzzle game for all, to enhance critical thinking.

Mix and match gems of the same colors as fast as you can to hit the longest chain.
Race against time while aiming for high scores; Geminatu takes puzzle games to the next level with a competitive vibe for everyone. Decide what direction to swipe; up, down and diagonally, unlock special gems,trigger jackpots, challenge your friends online and lots more: you just may get addicted.

get it on googleplay For iPhone & iPad



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